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Hi, I'm James!


Senior Online Personal Trainer 

Specialist in Lower Back Pain Management


Registered with the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity, I’m a highly-skilled, dedicated personal trainer based in the city of London near Moorgate and Liverpool Street stations. My clients are people of all abilities, from the novice to the athlete.


Whether it is directly related to your health, such as a reduction in blood pressure, lower back pain management, or simply increasing overall fitness and stamina, I work with people who have both long and short-term goals. 

For those who have little or no experience in a gym, I strive to build self-motivation and make you feel comfortable and confident in using a variety of equipment. For the more experienced person, it’s a different approach, but as the name suggests – Personal Training is exactly that – tailored to the needs you have. 

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Lower Back Pain


Low back pain is one of the leading causes of disability across the world. The estimated cost to the NHS is £481 million a year and UK businesses lose £10.7 billion annually in productivity loss as a result of low back pain. A structured exercise programme coupled with self-management guidance can improve function, prevent a recurrence, and support a return to work. It's natural to be anxious about exercise, but we'll work together to address any concerns you may have to remove barriers to progress. 

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Ongoing personal training services are booked after one of the above services.

What People Say

"I am stronger and fitter than at any time in the last twenty years”

“James has helped me overcome my phobia of gyms”

“I had a serious shoulder problem and couldn’t raise my arm. Through careful monitoring and encouragement, I can now do most exercises and can sleep with no pain.”


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Mon - Fri: 6.30am - 7pm

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16 City Road, London​, United Kingdom

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