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James Drain Personal Training

Senior Personal Trainer in the City of London
Specialist in Lower Back Pain

Acute and chronic lower back pain can feel debilitating and a barrier to exercise. I can help you by providing a full assessment of your pelvis, hip, foot/ankle, shoulder, and spine and devise structured exercises that are sensitive to your postural, movement and weight bearing difficulties.

Specialist in Pre and Post Natal Training

I’m qualified to help you manage your fitness during and after pregnancy. If you’re getting in shape to give your body and baby the best possible start or recovering after pregnancy and childbirth, I’m here to help.

Martial Arts and Boxing

I have extensive experience in martial arts and boxing, including time spent in a Thai boxing camp deep in the jungle of Thailand. If you have some experience of boxing or none at all, I can introduce you to technique, and help improve your agility and stamina. 

Not to mention the added stress relief!

Inspired by Instagram?

Need help with some of the moves? Concerned that you're not quite doing something correctly? Instead I can give you a fully tailored, personalised program.

Let's get you working out, without Photoshop. #nofilter

About me

I’m a highly skilled, dedicated personal trainer based in the city of London near Moorgate and Liverpool Street stations. My clients are people of all abilities, from the novice to the athlete.

I work with people who have a variety of both long and short term goals in Weight Loss or Strength – whether it is directly related to their internal health, such as a reduction in blood pressure, preparing for an event or a particular holiday. I also work with women getting in shape for a pregnancy, or sufferers of lower back pain.

For those who have little or no experience in a gym, I always strive to make them feel comfortable and confident in using the variety of equipment and building self-motivation. For the more experienced person, it’s a different approach, but as the name suggests – Personal Training is exactly that – tailored to the needs you have. This could be to have fun while you’re working out in the park or perhaps sweating it out in your home/apartment gym.

Let’s discuss your goals. I’m really most passionate helping people transform their ideas of what health and fitness really means. I’ll often apply the skills I’ve learned from my background in sports and martial arts, so my personal training sessions will always be varied, progressive and structured to keep things interesting, with new exercises to keep you feeling challenged!

My Approach

As well as the courses, training, certification I have, I could write more about what I know or have done. And you can try to compare that with your idea of a Personal Trainer. Instead I’m going to say that I’m someone you can feel safe and secure with. Someone who’ll drive you when you need it and know when to back off and adjust things if you can’t get through an exercise.

My clients include middle aged mums and dads working out in a park, Rugby players (national and international), international rowers, riders and runners. Personal Training in and around London I meet fellow desk jockeys who I can empathise with. How? Well, I had a desk job for 15 years which afforded me many injuries and the absence of exercise. Often people relate to that in itself but I’ve also spent time in different countries working and living in the States (where I coached a “real” football team) and Down Under. I’ve been a Martial Artist for a number of years too but only focused on Personal Training when I could really get away from the desk in 2013.

I can tell you what I know, and that I care. But it’s really better I show it. Get in touch using the contact section. 


Testimonials and References

I’m registered with the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity. You can even look me up in their directory

I store most of my reviews online so they are easily verifiable. If perhaps you’re not keen to click around here are a few snippets: 

"I’m capable of skiing pretty much anything, but have been persistently plagued with fatigue after steeper sessions, and maintaining flexibility when hitting deeper powder. Additionally, I’ve suffered from a consistent pain in the arches of my feet. I’ve had three personal trainers, four sets of ski boots, linings and custom companies scan and build ‘perfect cushioning and support.

James has understood the relationship between the factors that are preventing me from getting to the next stage on snow, and worked with me on individual elements and the wider requirements I have to get fitter and healthier. I have a transformed level of strength, flexibility and impact recovery. I’m subsequently more confident than I’ve ever been on snow. James' work has changed my posture which has driven a greater level of efficiency whilst on skis. I no longer have persistent cramp in my feet.”

“I am stronger and fitter than at any time in the last twenty years”

“James has helped me overcome my phobia of gyms”

“I had a serious shoulder problem and couldn’t raise my arm. Through careful monitoring and encouragement I can now do most exercises and can sleep with no pain.”

“You can also have a conversation with him that isn’t about Maximuscle”

“After just a few months working with James I am hitting my mid-range [golf] clubs 5-6 yards further.”

“I started training with James having had a difficult relationship with exercise: having only ever exercised to burn calories, whilst also having dreadful joints, I realised I needed to start working on my strength and stability - which relentless cardio was not going to help with.  I had tried several personal trainers at different chain gyms, and felt that none of them had ever really taken a 'personal' approach, and indeed, I felt quite intimidated by them; I found gyms to be incredibly anxiety-inducing places, and I was plagued with self-consciousness and the fear of looking incompetent. On top of this, I've had troubles with my joints since I was young, including a huge knee operation to remedy frequent dislocations - leaving me unable to kneel on that knee.


When I first met with James (through my husband, who had been saying that I should see him for months), he carefully listened to my aims - amplified by my impending wedding - and came up with a programme I felt comfortable and confident with, and that fit with my work, preferences and lifestyle: suitable for a complete beginner! He explained the methodology for each exercise and pointed out my improvements, even when I could not see them. He was encouraging and reassuring, assuaging my constant fear that I was 'doing it wrong' and building my confidence levels, making training a genuinely enjoyable, interesting and methodical process for the first time in my life. Due to my joint issues and poor mobility,  there were a lot of movements I struggled with: James always - even now, when a joint reacts in an unexpected way, he quickly finds an alternative and his highly technical approach means he is able to achieve the same aim but with a different exercise.”


My studio location:

Cocoon Networks, Christopher Street, London, EC2A 2BS

IG:@YourPTisHere | T:@YourPTisHere

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Mon - Fri: 6.30am - 8pm

​​Saturday and Sunday: 8am - 4pm