Meet James


Certified Fitness Trainer 

​As well as the courses and training certification I have, I could write more about what I know or have done. Instead, I’m going to say that I’m someone you can feel safe and secure with. Someone who’ll drive you when you need it and know when to back off and adjust things if we need to.


​I work with professionals in a number of sectors including Law and Finance. The demands of these jobs require a special kind of trainer; one that understands what you'll need in order to enhance your already full life while improving your health wellbeing and fitness.


How special? Well, I had a desk job for 15 years which afforded me many injuries and the absence of exercise. Often people relate to that in itself but I’ve also spent time in different countries working and living in the States (where I coached a “real” football team) and Down Under. I’ve been a Martial Artist for a number of years too but only focused on Personal Training when I could really get away from the desk in 2013.

Your workouts will focus on improving strength and cardiorespiratory health. Part of maximizing the health of your joints and muscles is maintaining the quality of your movement. The flexibility and strengthening routines that you will perform prior to and in between your workouts are a form of regular joint and muscle tissue maintenance, just like daily brushing and flossing maintain the health of your teeth. 

I can tell you what I know, and that I care about my clients' needs deeply. But it’s really better I show it. Get in touch using the contact section. 

Lower Back Pain Specialist

Are you or your firm spending longer at your desk during lockdown? Most of my clients have had to endure longer hours than normal, and perhaps you have too. Thankfully we've worked together on appropriate exercises to make them near bulletproof for the endless conference calls that have all moved to video meetings.

If you're a low back pain sufferer, I'll devise a programme including strengthening the muscles that support the spine, while improving mobility and increasing postural awareness. ​​​

Acute and chronic lower back pain can feel debilitating and a barrier to exercise. I can help you by providing a full assessment of your pelvis, hip, foot/ankle, shoulder, and spine and devise structured exercises that are sensitive to your postural, movement and weight bearing difficulties.

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