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I have been working with James for a year and it is the first time ever I have maintained a discipline of exercising regularly. This is down to James and his friendly, encouraging and just demanding enough style. James is knowledgeable and works with my goals. I am stronger and fitter than at any time in the last twenty years.


I have been working out with James for over a year now. First and foremost, working out with James is fun. He makes the whole experience of training enjoyable. He is very knowledgeable on different exercises and techniques and has a wonderfully encouraging style. I highly recommend working with James if you are serious about delivering against your health goals.


James is a fantastic, dedicated and highly motivating trainer. I had a serious shoulder problem and couldn't raise my arm. Through careful monitoring an encouragement I can now do most exercises and can sleep with no pain. James takes a lot of care and can quickly substitute exercises if any are painful. I have noticed a huge difference all over and feel so much stronger and fitter. James does not use a one size fits all in his programmes and tailors each session to the individuals needs. I can highly recommend James!


James has helped me overcome my phobia of gyms and has encouraged me to develop a genuine interest in a range of training activities across cardio, weights and boxing. He carefully considered what I wanted and helped to shape them into goals that were mine (rather than his!) He explains the rationale behind the exercises and is a great motivator. He encourages me to push myself but also to listen to my body. I have total confidence in him, I've learnt a lot and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.


James is truly an exceptional Personal Trainer. He takes into account your goals and helps you deliver these as well as go beyond this if you want. I like to push myself further all the time and given I travel a lot with work I need to keep my fitness kick going wherever possible.

Without even asking James sends me "hotel" sets to work on which I love and keeps me motivated. From boxing, to HIIT, to general well being James just hits the right level of enthusiasm and support and of course makes sure fun is had at all times. A great PT who I would recommend to anyone who wants to make a difference to their fitness, whatever your level

Jess C

My 2 months of PT sessions with James was fantastic. I learned a lot especially about how to do the work out in the correct form, and James was very approachable and also knowledgeable in this field which helped me to achieve my goal. After my training session with him, I'm a lot more knowledgeable in what to do at the gym or anywhere, which is a long-term gain from my PT experience with him. I recommend anybody to choose James as their PT.


James is very knowledgeable and works hard to tailor a regime that is best for you. Unlike many other personal trainers he also has a life outside of fitness and so you can also have a conversation with him that isn't about Maximuscle!

Daniel C

I have been working with James over the last 2 months and can’t recommend him enough. He is very passionate about sport and very professional. I like his “individual” approach that make our training session challenging and effective.


What sets James apart from many PTs is his ability to actually listen to the goals you want to achieve and tailor the approach he takes, to achieve this. Sounds obvious but many trainers just do what they think you need, rather than working WITH you, helping find exercises you like or enjoy. If I had the money, James would be booked 5 days a week.



He's the first person who's made me enjoy exercise and has an expertise far greater than anyone I've tried out before.

T Redding

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